Coronel Dakar Team with two cars in Dakar Rally 2023

Soon the Dakar adventure will start again for the Coronel Dakar Team. After intensive preparation, Tim and Tom Coronel are again completely ready for Dakar 2023. The 'Desert Lion', with which the two Dutch brothers will depart for the Dakar Rally on December 31, will be driven from Huizen to the Circuit Paul Ricard in Le Castellet in southern France, from where it will be transported.

This time, however, they are not alone, as the Coronel Dakar Team is bringing a second car to the start for driver Michel Kremer and navigator Thomas de Bois for the 2023 edition. Both cars are equipped with the best MPM fluids to participate in the toughest race in the world.

Also, many improvements have been made to both cars. "We are always thinking about what we can change and improve. It's a continuous process, but it's also pretty cool," said Tim Coronel. "This year's rally has already shown that the car has a good base and a lot of potential. We were 16th overall, but a back injury forced us to stop. I worked hard on this for years, but my doctor says I'm new again and better than ever, so I'm curious!"

MPM wishes the entire Coronel Dakar Team all the success and will follow the Dakar adventure closely.

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