MPM Seaside Affair delivers impressive performance in Power Valley!

This was the very first event for MPM Seaside Affair after all the adjustments made during the winter. The new chassis, improved fuel system, and precise ignition settings were excellently applied in the Light Modified class, where the team faced difficulties last year.

MPM Seaside Affair could not have wished for a better start to the season. Being the first class on track, the team had no point of comparison with other classes to assess the circuit and the required setup. Nevertheless, the team wisely decided to focus on weight, hook height, and motor configuration, with Frank as the driver. Despite a challenging start, the engine power took over once the tires gripped the track, resulting in an impressive Full Pull.

For the Pull Off, the team decided to make minor adjustments to the fuel settings and give it another go. This once again led to an excellent pull, with a lead of 5 meters over the second-placed Russische Roulette and 9 meters over Oom Duck. MPM is extremely proud of this achievement and wishes the team continued success in the upcoming event.

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