MPM racing brothers shine at NK circuit!

The MPM-sponsored racing brothers began the NK race weekend with excitement at a new circuit. They trained in dry weather, but on race day, it was cold and wet. Despite Jaylen falling ill, they were determined to perform.

During the qualifying session on the wet circuit, Jaylen was still getting accustomed to the track, while Fynn quickly found his way and set a fast time. In Race 1, Fynn fought his way back to 5th place, whereas Jaylen dropped to 6th place due to an evasive maneuver.

In Race 2, Fynn ended up in 9th place after a steering mistake, whereas Jaylen, after an intense battle, returned to the 4th position. In Race 3, Jaylen took the lead and secured his first NK victory, while Fynn maintained his position in 7th place.

Facing challenging weather conditions at a new circuit, the MPM-sponsored racing brothers delivered impressive performances at the NK event. Jaylen finished the NK in fourth place, and Fynn in sixth. With determination and resilience, they showed their ability to shine, supported by MPM as a proud sponsor of the team.

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